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Three minimal years - was it worth the hustle?

It has been around three years since I learned about this thing called minimalism. At that point in time the name resonated obviously only with black and white interiors and people who own around one hundred items, while living in a tent or car. Even though it seemed pretty radical, it intrigued me to learn more about it. After countless YouTube videos, blog posts, few books I thought I knew it all. Fast forward to today, I am much more aware what minimalism is and what appeals to me the most in this movement, is the fact that it can be something totally different to each one pursuing it. Anniversaries are always great occasions to reminiscent, so let me take a walk down the memory lane.
Three years ago, I was in a different place. Not exactly in a geographic sense, but more of spiritual, mental and emotional one. I have just learned about my infertility, got out of the soul and body wrecking 16 h/day job and was inevitably entering my first marriage crisis. As you can imagine I was …

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